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Make yourself happy.

Look at something you love.

Isn't there something thrilling about truly loving the things that are in your home? When you're looking at something that is exactly your style, you feel more happy. More comfortable. More you.

I want you to get that buzz that comes from being surrounded by things that make your heart sing. Can I help you discover the newest piece of your home?
Let's get something beautiful up on your walls!


My photography has been created in environments ranging from the geysers of Iceland to the beaches of Tulum, the side streets of Berlin to the deserts of New Mexico. The photograph "Blue Monday" was selected as a Domino Magazine editors pick and a Minted jury selection (and was pinned by fave stylist Emily Henderson, whoo-hoo!). It is so exciting to me that people from across North America, Asia, and Europe have brought my work into their homes and offices.

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